Evil Dead (the remake)

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Evil Dead


Would I pay? No

On the day of its release, I’m finally getting to my review of Evil Dead. Yes, I saw its premiere and yes, I still have about twenty films that I’ve written short reviews for but haven’t posted. But back to Evil Dead…

Seeing the premiere at SXSW was really fun. Seeing the Q&A with the stars, director, and producers (including Bruce Campbell) was also fun. The film itself was not. It is a good horror film in the sense that it was bloody, a little bit scary, and you didn’t know what was going to happen. Well, actually, you did know what was going to happen — it is, after all, a remake of Evil Dead.

The good: Fede Alvarez said that he based the length of his daily shoots on the amount of blood he had left. This blood was measured in truckloads. As in, a gas-truck full of fake blood. So if you like blood, then this film might be for you. I had no problem (as some apparently do) with the character of Ash being played by Jane Levy (rather than a dude). The effects are not CG but prosthetic which is refreshing.

The bad: The blatant references to the original Evil Dead were the only funny/campy scenes (look for Sam Raimi’s Oldsmobile). This is not an updated version of Evil Dead in all of its low-budget glory — it’s a completely new film that was intended to be a horror film. Sadly, without the charm of the original Evil Dead, it’s just a mediocre blood bath.

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