Evil Dead (the remake)

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Evil Dead


Would I pay? No

On the day of its release, I’m finally getting to my review of Evil Dead. Yes, I saw its premiere and yes, I still have about twenty films that I’ve written short reviews for but haven’t posted. But back to Evil Dead…

Seeing the premiere at SXSW was really fun. Seeing the Q&A with the stars, director, and producers (including Bruce Campbell) was also fun. The film itself was not. It is a good horror film in the sense that it was bloody, a little bit scary, and you didn’t know what was going to happen. Well, actually, you did know what was going to happen — it is, after all, a remake of Evil Dead.

The good: Fede Alvarez said that he based the length of his daily shoots on the amount of blood he had left. This blood was measured in truckloads. As in, a gas-truck full of fake blood. So if you like blood, then this film might be for you. I had no problem (as some apparently do) with the character of Ash being played by Jane Levy (rather than a dude). The effects are not CG but prosthetic which is refreshing.

The bad: The blatant references to the original Evil Dead were the only funny/campy scenes (look for Sam Raimi’s Oldsmobile). This is not an updated version of Evil Dead in all of its low-budget glory — it’s a completely new film that was intended to be a horror film. Sadly, without the charm of the original Evil Dead, it’s just a mediocre blood bath.

Plus One

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Would I pay? No.

The characters were well developed and acted, the plot was new and interesting, but the last third of the film was thin and confused. Since most of the film takes place during an amazing college party, I expected the worst. A testament to the film is that I didn’t roll my eyes too much. Adam David Thomspon (Kyle) stole the film — I could feel my stomach knot every time he was on screen, which sadly, wasn’t often enough.

Part of of the fun of going to festivals are the folks you meet. During the credit roll, the woman sitting next to me leaned over and said “I’d give it a four on a scale of ten, and how about you? And I’m in the film!” And indeed, she was Ashley Henshaw, the female lead. 3.5 out of 5 because I stayed awake and didn’t walk out – which says something at 2am.